07/20/2010 10:32 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Passion of the Mel

Charts delineating social distance combined with the distinctly American omnipresence of race have made me quietly envious of Caucasians in a White society. African-American women, who seldom find themselves in the limelight of this culture and never as anything but a reflection of whitewashed images, have occupied the bottom of the social totem-pole for some time. If there is a doubt to the validity of this statement, merely look to the preponderance of Black male. White female interracial relationships versus the obverse and explain the differential.

Now the following observations will most likely not make me popular. But they need to be said and any profanity found in this article should be appreciated as parenthetic, so be advised. Besides, my deceased mother would cringe and cry should I choose not to comment in acknowledgment of the culturally schizophrenic achievements of Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Halle Berry, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and on and on.

Recently I became aware that African-American women have it "one-up" on dominant culture females in a certain milieu. African-American women are pretty surely absent any form of Mel Gibson quality invectives in their lives. Now this is not to say that verbal and other abuse by males to females is not rife in Black American culture. The derisive quality of some, not all, rap alone is enough to make a rap performer's mother turn over in her grave or if alive, stop eating her filet mignon and lend a moment of silence to her son's "diatribe for dollars."

Nevertheless, there is no place for a Black man to deride the mother of his child by telling her that he hopes that she is raped by "a pack of Niggers." Honestly, I must take this opportunity now to apologize to all women everywhere for such despicable behavior from Mr. Gibson and all who think like him. But it has become apparent to me that Caucasian women are even more subject to cruelty than African-American women on this front. Mel "Fucking Bitch" Gibson has made that evidently clear.

But here Mel-"Wetback"-Gibson unveils more than just his own personal hatreds. He loudly announces that those hatreds also run not so silently but run very deeply through the fabric of American culture. And you would think that would be difficult to do for an Australian. If you doubt my conclusion, go to any of the on-line "debates" or "commentary" concerning this issue and be shocked. It is apparent that other White males (and probably some ethnic males too) agree, at least, "in principle" with Mel. And "in principle" here means that many readers too would condone a baseball bat to the face, especially if they possessed enough money as "Jew hating" Mel to try and possess another human being with impunity.

Those many males and females employ "Gold-digger" language and worst, sure that the estranged Oksana Grigorieva is nothing more than a caricature and creation of their own psychic dysfunction. Just go to any report on any service that allows public responses and then listen to the tone and quality of those responses. Count the favorable versus unfavorable responses towards Ms. Grigorieva and see what you get. Most if not all of the respondents surely don't know Ms. Grigorieva or Mr. Gibson--that's for sure. So why are there so many male's voices against Oksana?

Luckily for Black women, it would make no sense that a Black man (or others in those few cases where her lover is not Black) intone a rape on the parts of a "pack of Niggers." It just doesn't have the same ring and "sting" as it does coming off the alleged tongue of "The Passion of the Mel." But the number of comments, anger and vitriol to be found here belies the fact that everyone should be decrying such behavior prima facie. If that is Mel's voice, (and there has been no countering the authenticity of those tapes) then good old "Lethal Passion" has much to atone for. Admitted violence to Oksana's person, attempts to economically destroy her, violation of the public trust, violation of his "religious commitment," and more are the obvious outgrowths of any clear-eyed public concern. But yet, much of the public pillories his estranged wife while quietly avoiding or openly endorsing the inherent violence in Gibson's speech and attitudes.

Yes, Mel "Cunt" Gibson has succeeded in lighting the path towards much of the horror of American attitudes. And indeed, some of these attitudes are even held by women. Talk about self-hatred, I guess African-Americans are not the only people who've been transmitted that disease. And frighteningly, it is some women who have not taken time to make a distinction between the objectivity to be imposed on a family dispute and the clear decision that should be rendered when a person makes physical threats to anyone. Please, do not hear me blaming the victim. My point is that the female victims here have been "Stockholm Syndromed" (yes I made a verb) into supporting their own endangerment.

But the male behavior is truly what is to be "witnessed" here. I would use this "folk event" as an object lesson for daughters. Males in this culture have not gotten it right. Approximately one in three women will be raped by the time she dies in this culture. One in four is raped or molested by eighteen. In progressive California, that a woman earns roughly $.70 on the dollar for the same work that a male performs is another measure of this dynamic. But mostly, the lack of safety that our daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends endure everyday of their lives in this nation is to be illumined, taken to task and reversed -- NOW!

And by the way! I find myself in an unenviable intellectual position. As Johnnie Cochran intimated, there was a satellite above Los Angeles on the night of the Nicole Brown Simpson, Ron Goldman murders. Someplace there exists taped evidence of who actually murdered these two people. I mention this here because though the "make up call" conviction of O. J. Simpson in Nevada has appeased some, we still don't know for sure that Mr. Simpson is guilty of their murders. The same cannot be said of Mel "fucking bitch" Gibson. By his own taped admission (or non-denial) it is clear that he is guilty of a form of despicable violence for which many in this culture do not hold him accountable. The crimes may be different but the standards of culpability, for which we as a culture should hold such men accountable, is not different at all. Strange!

So if this is any example of a religious zealot's commitment to his faith, I suggest that any woman in America, especially any White woman, run like hell upon passing Mel's "you deserved it you fucking Whore" church. If the tapes are authentic, then what manner of human being could condone Mel Gibson? While worldwide philanthropic donations are down roughly ten percent, donations to the Catholic Church are up by about that same number. Children take notice as well. And women had best move at breakneck and illegal speeds if you're wearing "revealing" attire near Mel supporters. Revealing to whom? Revealing know...however he's feeling about you today! I take back what I said at the beginning of this article! I don't quietly or loudly envy Oksana at all.