03/03/2015 09:58 pm ET Updated May 03, 2015

How to Be a Grownup

1. Never speak poorly of a person's physical appearance. This includes references to a person's weight and choice of clothing. Doing so makes you the ugliest person in the room every time.

2. Make every effort to arrive on time for all things.

3. Drive safely at all times. Many lives depend upon it.

4. Never judge a person based upon the quality (or absence) of a gift.

5. Spend more time reading than watching television.

6. Let go of any expectation that life should be fair and equitable.

7. Seek to identify, acknowledge, and improve upon your weaknesses and faults.

8. Regardless of your circumstances, be an outstanding role model whenever you are in the presence of children.

9. Doubt all things. Avoid blind acceptance at all costs.

10. Remember that there not everyone's brain is like yours. Others may be geniuses, impaired, chemically unstable or damaged. Assume nothing and be gentle with your words and actions.

11. Praise effort relentlessly.

12. Raise your voice only in celebration.