11/04/2014 01:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

7 Reasons to Vote Today

Polls are now open for the 2014 Illinois election, and soon all the nasty attack ads that have hijacked your TV will be over. But the difficult obstacles we must face together as Illinoisans are just beginning.

Illinois' statewide races are held in midterm election years, opposed to presidential election cycles which see higher turnout percentages. On average, roughly half of the 7.5 million registered voters in Illinois won't even bother to vote.

Those who are disinterested in politics, whether it's at the local, state or federal level, fail to realize is that they are not immune to the decisions and policies of our elected officials. Everyone is impacted by politics one way or another, though the extent to which might vary depending on your age, gender or net worth.

There are plenty of reasons why citizens should vote, but here are seven that make it especially important to do so today.

But before you head to the polls, make sure you've got everything you need:

  • Are you eligible and/or registered to vote?
  • Do you have proper identification?
  • Do you know your polling location?
  • What times are the polls open in your area?
  • Have you researched which judges you plan to vote for?
  • Have you researched every candidate and made an informed decision?

See more info at Reboot Illinois.