07/25/2014 01:12 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2014

Illinois home foreclosures among the highest in the nation

Homes in Illinois were foreclosed on at double the national rate in June, a study from RealtyTrac found. The country's foreclosures were down in June from May (and are the lowest they've been in nearly a year), but in Illinois, the rate went up and was the third-highest in the country, with one in every 645 houses foreclosed on in June.

Maryland and Florida were the only states with higher foreclosure rates than Illinois in June 2014. Nebraska had the lowest in the country.

Within Illinois, Will County had the most foreclosures in June, with one in every 259 houses facing foreclosure. Kendall, Lake, Kane and McHenry Counties also saw high foreclosure rates that month.
Cook County saw more foreclosures than the statewide average, with one in every 527, but the city of Chicago had a better rate, with one in every 681.

There may be better news for other counties in Illinois, especially ones that have a high percentage of residents with college degrees, which may bring up the median income for the area. DuPage County has the most college graduates of any county in the state, and also the number three median income. Everyone county in the top five in terms of highest median income is also in the top 10 for most college graduates. See where your county ranks at Reboot Illinois.