09/08/2014 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Poll Shows the Illinois Treasurer's Race Is Close, but One Candidate Snags a Big Endorsement

A Reboot Illinois/We Ask America poll conducted last week found that the Illinois treasurer's race is tightening. Republican candidate state Rep. Tom Cross had a 6-point lead over Democrat state Sen. Michael Frerichs, down from an approximately 9-point lead in July and closer to Cross' 6-point lead in June.

Frerichs' lead in Chicago 57.18 percent to 16.51, while Cross led in the Cook County collar counties and downstate. Frerichs leads among Democrats across the state while Cross lead among Republicans and Independents and had the lead among both males and females across the board.

This poll is the first from Reboot Illinois to include Libertarian candidate Matthew Skopek. How could his inclusion on the ballot have affected the way voters responded to this poll and how they will vote in November?

Both candidates' campaigns are in full swing. While Frerichs has a more than $1 million ad campaign planned for the fall, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce endorsed Cross for treasurer Sept. 4, the first endorsement ever for the group, said David Ormsby of the Illinois Observer.

"Tom Cross has distinguished himself as a leader in the fight for responsible, accountable government," said the Chamber's CEO Todd Maisch. "As House Republican Leader, he fought for common sense lawsuit reform, worked to reduce burdensome regulations and vigorously opposed the Quinn income tax increase".