06/24/2013 12:49 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2013

Reboot Illinois introduces "2014" section: All 2014 election news all the time

INTRODUCING 2014: The race for governor in 2014 is loaded with issues critically important to the state's future: What will happen with the state's income tax? How will the state pay billions of dollars in back bills? How does Illinois relinquish its title as the unemployment leader of the Midwest? In general, how does the state recover from the corruption and mismanagement that marked its last decade? We think a race this important deserves special treatment. It gets it in our new "2014" section. Find out more here!

SOCIAL BUZZ Smart, strategic use of social media won the 2012 election for Barack Obama. We think it'll be a major part of the 2014 campaign for Illinois governor. We're tracking the social media presence of the declared and presumptive candidates for governor on our Buzz-Meter. We kick it off today with the basics: Who's got the most Facebook friends and Twitter followers. We'll get a lot more detailed as the campaign gets into full swing. Check it out!

2014 INFOGRAPHIC The roster may not be fully set just yet, but we've got the program right here with our Campaign 2014 infographic of the declared and probable candidates for governor.

DALEY'S FIERY DEBUT Capitol Fax publisher Rich Miller thought Bill Daley would be the dullest candidate in the race. Instead, Daley has "turned into the most fiery candidate in the race so far. Daley is even 'out-angering' wealthy Republican financier Bruce Rauner, who has tried to position himself as the 'We're not gonna take it any more!' choice for 2014." Daley's called out Gov. Pat Quinn on pension reform and sounded a warning about a Madigan-Madigan power structure in Springfield, Miller writes in today's column.

LAYING ODDS ON 2014 Blogger Edward McClelland may not be using Las Vegas bookmaker methodology, but his odds on the various candidates for governor are pretty entertaining. Read it here! (Sample: He's got Bruce Rauner at 4 million to 1.)

BGA SWATS FLIES They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. But the honey approach doesn't work very often when the Better Government Association seeks information from government bodies. Lawsuits do, and government officials use your tax dollars to fight them -- and lose. BGA President Andy Shaw explains the cycle of secrecy and waste in his column this week.

SEVEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW Here's the news from around the Illinois. For a whole lot more, visit the Daily Tip-Off section of our website (scroll to the bottom of the screen after you click).
• 7. The Pantagraph Editorial Board says it's a sad commentary on Illinois politics that creating a committee to study the pension problem is seen as progress. (The Pantagraph)
• 6. The Chicago Tribune editorial board looks at how college teacher programs are not properly preparing teachers. (Chicago Tribune)
• 5. Gov. Quinn's flip-flopping on how to approach the pension problem has been more hurtful than helpful, according to lawmakers. (Chicago Tribune)
• 4. The Daily Herald editorial board believes that a sense of urgency is slowly starting to form on pension reform. (Daily Herald)
• 3. The Chicago Teachers Union is not happy with Rahm Emanuel's most recent appointment to the Chicago Board of Education. (Chicago Sun-Times)
• 2. The State Journal-Register editorial board says there should be more scrutiny on the increase of state employees making six-figure salaries. (The State Journal-Register)
• 1. Since 2004,32 Chicago cops who were fired or quit before they were fired have collected pensions. (Chicago Sun-Times)

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