10/10/2014 12:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Should Quinn get four more years to make his mark on Illinois?

With less than four weeks remaining until Illinois voters choose their next governor, friends and political foes Democrat Dave Lundy and Republican Chris Robling debate whether four more years for Quinn would be the best option for Illinois.

From Lundy:

First, the brilliant multi-level, fully integrated Rauner campaign of the spring has failed to materialize in the fall. As I posted here months ago, the voters of Illinois deserve to see the Rauner plans for what he would do should he win. Instead, the Rauner campaign has gambled on the bet that just being "not Pat Quinn" is enough. It's not. The plans the Rauner campaign has put out have been either retreads or laughable exercises in fuzzy math and other than "shaking up Springfield," I have no idea what he would do if elected.

From Robling:

From his extraordinary business success, Rauner has another attribute rarely seen in Springfield. He does not care about the political games that pass for statecraft. Can one person up-end a dysfunctional system, institute reforms and put Illinois on a growth path? In a system operated largely by and for House Speaker Michael Madigan, I believe Rauner will move Illinois in the right direction simply because he is resourceful and willing to say, "No," where others crumple.

See further reasons why both are for or against Quinn's reelection at Reboot Illinois.

While Illinoisans are deciding which candidate will win their votes, the last thing they want is for a candidate to change his mind. Quinn has appeared to change his mind on the income tax increase he once said would only be temporary, and Rauner now says he is in favor of raising the minimum wage, though he wasn't a few months ago. Watch at Reboot Illinois to see Quinn and Rauner flip-flop.