10/27/2014 12:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Latino Policy Forum hoped to share candidates' views with Illinois Latinos

The Latino Policy Forum is an organization that aims to encourage Latinos to get involved in the political process and helped register thousands of people to vote this year. In September, the Latinto Policy Forum and the Illinois Latino Agenda invited the gubernatorial candidates to share their political platforms with Latino voters in Illionois. Republican candidate Bruce Rauner's campaign declined to answer the provided questionaire, so the organization could only distribute answers from Democratic candidate Gov. Pat Quinn.

Executive Director of the Latino Policy Forum Sylvia Puente and Senior Policy Analyst Martin Torres said many Latino leaders were disappointed by Rauner's lack of participation. From Puente and Torres:

Latinos, the largest minority ethnic group in Illinois, deserve specific answers to policy questions that affect their lives from education and immigrant integration to public safety and affordable housing.

The Latino Policy Forum is neither pro-Quinn or anti-Rauner. It is pro-Latino voter, pro-civic engagement, and pro-government responsiveness.

The message that candidates running for Governor ought to be communicating to voters is, "Here is how I am going to advance policies that better serve your children, family and community." In other words, this is why you should vote for me.

See why Martin and Torres believe candidates must explain to Latinos why their agendas would benefit them if the candidates hope to win Latino votes at Reboot Illinois.

Rauner's campaign is also involved in another controversial conversation. Last week, Chicago Sun-Times political reporter Dave McKinney resigned from the paper after he says the Rauner campaign interfered in his employment there after he wrote a potentially damaging story about Rauner. Capitol Fax Editor Rich Miller said McKinney's resignation is an example of a problem within our political culture: being too sensitive to "apperances of impropriety." See Miller's explanation of the situation at Reboot Illinois.