06/11/2014 02:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why We're Stuck in a Sick and Sickening State in Illinois


Reboot Illinois' Madeleine Doubek believes Illinois is a sick state. There's election-year paralysis going around, and she has the examples to back it up.

Including this one:

-For the first time in many years, a bipartisan group of state senators met for several months to work on a fix for Illinois' flawed school funding system. They developed a plan that would have made great strides toward evening out huge swings in funding that shortchange children, especially downstate. Was it perfect? No, it took too much money from suburban districts and that will have to be addressed, but did the plan ever get serious consideration in the Illinois House for a real chance at some changes that could have improved it? No.

Is there a cure to the disease? Who knows. But Doubek believes Illinois should at least be aware of the symptoms of the's the only way we might be able to find a cure.

Another cure that is needed is a cure for the corruption in the state. State Rep. Derrick Smith, D-Chicago, became the latest lawmaker found guilty of corruption, this time for taking a $7,000 bribe of 'cheddar.'