04/18/2009 12:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jay Bybee Reacts To Release Of Torture Memos

Much has been written about the release of the Bush torture memos, and President Obama's announcement that he will not prosecute CIA agents who carried out the Bush authorized torture.

But what about the unsung heroes, or in this case unsung villains? The writers! Torture memos don't write themselves. They exist because some very dedicated scumbags worked tirelessly to destroy the rule of law.

One of those scumbags is Jay Bybee. And he recently discussed the release of the torture memos and what it's meant for his post "Destroying America" career. Take a look.

Did I forget to mention that Jay Bybee is now a judge? A federal judge? With a lifetime appointment? Well he is!

Now I'm not a lawyer, nor am I currently wanted for any crimes (as far as I know). But, just the idea that my case or the case of someone I care about could be tried in front of Bybee scares the crap out of me.

Would I be able to ask the judge to recuse himself because he's a war criminal?

Would he cite, as legal precedent, episodes of 24?

Imagine having to call a man who thinks it's legal to slam your head into the wall, to lock you in a tiny confinement box with bugs crawling all over you... imagine having to call that man "Your Honor".

Judge Dredd is more like it.


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