06/24/2014 12:51 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2014

M.F.A Abstraction, Crapstraction, Dropcloth Abstraction or Zombie Abstraction? Recommended Reading #2

Recommended Reading #2
(What is this? See last week's post.)

If you haven't seen this series of videos, they're a great learning/teaching resource on the painting techniques of the Abstract Expressionists--specifically Pollock, Newman, Rothko, Reinhardt and Kline--by Corey d'Augustine of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Ian Bogost's blog. Read about object-oriented ontology. (Thanks for the recommendation, Jamie Zigelbaum.)

Socrates' fear of writing, as explained in Phaedrus. (This came up in a conversation I had about our fear of new technology--particularly technology which attempts to record everything, such as Google Glass.)

More on banning laptops in the classroom

Even if you don't agree, worth reading: Jerry Saltz on new abstract painting. Mentions the work of Lucien Smith, Oscar Murillo, Josh Smith, Leo Gabin, and David Ostrowski, among others.