07/30/2012 07:49 am ET Updated Sep 29, 2012

What the Country Would Look Like Under a Romney Presidency

Can you feel the political heat turning up? Don't look now, but it's about to get ugly. With the election just around the corner, the gloves are about to come off, if they haven't already been thrown down. As people begin to make their political picks for the November race, it's important to take a moment and stop and think about what the country would actually look like under Mitt Romney's leadership. Once you put things into perspective by doing that, the choice becomes pretty clear on who to mark the ballot for come November!

If we could look into a crystal ball and see the future with Romney as President, we would see that we would be headed in the wrong direction. There are several important issues that stand out as being especially bothersome, such as his stance on healthcare. As President Obama makes strides to try and bring more healthcare to a much-needed population, Romney has already stated that he will repeal those efforts. So we will be back to square one, with millions of uninsured Americans, and millions more unable to afford their monthly premiums.

The crystal ball would also reveal that we will revert back to a time of having no transparency, because as we have learned with his tax records, he has a tendency to avoid being forthcoming with information. We also won't really know what wet get if the country has Romney for President. He has a record of flip-flopping on particular issues, such as abortion, being for and against it, when he feels his stance will benefit him the most. Under Romney leadership, we can pretty much take for granted that the environment will take a hit, and we will begin to look off our beautiful shores and see the rigs of multiple off-shore drilling sites.

As a country that seems to want to progress, it can almost be assured that it will be held back under a Romney leadership. This is evident in his stance on being against gay marriage, vetoing embryonic stem cell research advancement, and well, not fully supporting green job initiatives. Besides all of this, the one thing that Americans should fear under his leadership is where the jobs will go. Romney has a history of outsourcing and off-shoring of jobs, essentially putting millions of Americans out of work. He also has a history of using the money he earns to invest in companies that are not in this country.

Under the leadership of Romney, we can expect that the rich will get richer, as they will receive large tax cuts, and the average American will suffer. They will pay the price for the decisions he makes of sending jobs overseas, not furthering green job initiatives, and not seeing to it that the people have what they need - healthcare. We can feel confident in the idea that his sites will be set more on protecting traditional marriage and gun owner rights than it will on protecting American jobs and the health of the people who make up this great nation.

We have come to a near critical period in the year when people will have to avoid the multi-million dollar campaign attack ads and rely upon common sense. Common sense tells us that Romney is not the right choice to lead this nation in to the next four years. He will turn back and prevent the further progress that has been made, as well as impose additional pitfalls that another future President will be faced with having to try and navigate.

As you go to the polls this November, ask yourself if you want the rich to get tax cuts and possibly the average people to lose their jobs all together. Ask yourself if you think that the country needs to advance, rather than turn our backs on important issues that face us, as well as the next generation. When you ask yourself those questions and give yourself honest answers, there's really only one way to pull that lever that makes sense.