11/28/2012 03:59 pm ET Updated Jan 28, 2013

Ten Objectives That Obama Must Accomplish During His Second Term

Another election is over and the results demonstrate a changing society that is looking through hopeful eyes at the future of our country. Despite the efforts of Romney's camp and those that think as he does, President Obama is the chosen one for another term. With the election behind him, Obama is looking forward towards another four years. Getting America back on its feet is his target and if he can pull it off, it would solidify his place in history as an icon and one of the greatest presidents that has ever lived. Those of us who voted to have him reelected have faith in him as a man and as someone who is for his people -- the human race. If President Obama expects to continue to move this country forward and to uplift our great nation there are at least 10 objectives I feel he must achieve.

1. Balance the Budget

Reducing the deficit is undoubtedly at the forefront of what has to be done if Mr. Obama expects to gain the respect he rightfully deserves. Nevertheless, to do so takes a skillful balance. Striking that balance is what our leader has in mind as he lays the foundation for growth in the middle class sector all the while strategizing to prevent a hike in taxes. To accomplish such feats, the president must be unwavering and steadfast in his willingness to work with Congress to find the middle ground.

2. Promote In-sourcing

Rewarding companies for bringing production back to our shores is something that the president must accomplish. Enticing large manufactures to resume productions in America would create more jobs and increase the revenue within this country. Legislation is needed that will make it worth manufacture's while to in-source rather than outsource.

Investing in our highways and transportation is a direct investment in the middle class as well.
Research shows that the construction industry is most influenced and if given the proper resources, a direct investment in these human resources would yield a high rate of return in the end. Improving the transportation infrastructure will not only promote jobs, it will also increase land value and economic growth.

3. Support the American Dream

With half the workforce being employed by small businesses and entrepreneurs, this sector of our economy shouldn't be overlooked. Instead, similar to the incentives given to large manufactures, the president must be steadfast in the support that should be given to small businesses to encourage them to invest and take risks that would help these businesses grow, which in turn helps to create jobs. In addition, tax incentives would be given for those companies willing to hire veterans.

4. Support for Homeowners

Continue to push for support for those homeowners who have proven that they are responsible. These homeowners should not have to lose their homes because of financial strain. With programs in place specifically to help homeowners, Obama would make it possible for refinancing to occur at a much lower interest rate, thus allowing homeowners the opportunity to keep their heads above water and to save on their monthly mortgages.

5. Affordable Health care

Securing the opportunity for an affordable healthcare option is the course that the President must continue. No one should have to forfeit his or her health because healthcare is not in the budget. Making healthcare accessible to everyone ensures that people will be healthier and possibly live longer.

6. Education & Career Training

Mr. Obama needs to set aside funding for training and education. The proper training would ensure that people are qualified for the job market particularly in industries that need a particular skill set. In addition, to preparing students in the classroom setting, promote on the job internships that offer credit towards schooling requirements. High tech industries are more apt to hire workers that are trained properly particularly interns who have shown they are able to perform the work.

7. Clean Energy

In his first term, President Obama increased funding for energy efficiency projects only to have it die in the Senate. A law that reduces dependency on fuel not of our soil and promotes clean energy is something that must be put into practice. We must invest in ourselves and spending outside this country for fuel and other gas resources must stop. Finding and promoting alternatives sources should be priority not only to help with revenue but also to help secure a clean environment for future generations.

8. Immigration Reform

Our leader has said that the goals are to "out innovate" and "out educate" the competition and to do that we must fix the immigration system. As it is today, it is broken. That requires secured borders and removing those who pose a threat but enforcement alone isn't the answer.

9. Increase Trade and Exports

Restoring America's strong trade and export foundation should be an objective in the forefront of the mind of our leader. Restore pride in the slogan "Made in America" and reap the benefits from the manufacturing of quality products that can be sold abroad.

10. Maintaining a Military Stance while Preserving the Peace

Without making America look weak, the president must find the balance between peace and solid military posture. With China puffing out its chest as a military and economic power, many (allies and adversaries alike) are looking to America for that balance.

Although some people may view it differently, particularly those who've voted for Romney, but by implementing these ten objectives for the American people and the nation as a whole, President Obama would be offering "a way up" as opposed to a handout. This will ensure a strong foundation in a nation whose strength lies in its base as opposed to just the top.