04/16/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

McSame As Bush: McCain's Road To Iran

Senator John McCain "hates war," because he knows "very well and very personally how grievous its wages are." This was Senator McCain's preamble to a speech he gave in March on the imminent threat that Iran poses to the United States. This "straight talk" opening had the irony of a recovering alcoholic doing Johnny Walker ads. Dubiously, the meat of his speech was meant to sell us on the idea that Iran plans to provide terrorists with WMDs because "they share with terrorists the same animated hatred for the West." McCain made no reference to the dizzying turnabout by US intelligence agencies, which had agreed months earlier that Iran neither possesses WMDs nor has the immediate capabilities to manufacture them.

But McCain's dangerously spurious logic wafted over the heads of Corporate Television news, at least until recently, when Senator Lieberman was forced, on camera, to correct McCain's assertion that Shia Iran is aiding Sunni Al Qaeda-- a mistake he later attributed to "jet-lag." This so-called mistake illumines the motivation behind McCain's recent barrage of anti-Iran rhetoric that justifies Bloomberg News labeling McCain as more hawkish than President Bush.

The Real News has taken a fresh look at Sen. McCain to connect the scattered dots of his foreign policy strategy.

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