08/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

America's Great Religion

The Islamic clerics are to Iran what Wall St. is to the U.S. Both operate under fundamentalist ideologies that seek to maintain power and subvert the will of the people and both use extreme force to do it.

Don't get me wrong, Iran and the U.S. have their differences: In Iran you get stoned for adultery; in America, you get stoned, and then, adultery. And while the Islamic clerics in Iran use religion for political gain, our Supreme Leaders in the Fed, Treasury, and Wall St. do the same, only their religion isn't Islam -- it's Capitalism -- and America rises to its feet and claps its hands with great fervor for Capitalism as it is, undoubtedly, America's Great Religion.

Yes, our churches are banks, with denominations ranging from Chase to Citibank, our saints, the CEOs of the Fortune 500, our prophets, the Secretary of the Treasury and Chairman of the Fed, and if you ever forget who you serve when depositing your tithings, it's God, and you should know that because it says so on your money. Don't forget. God is everywhere. Even in your bank account.

Well as it so happens, these financial prophets are false, our churches are spiritually bankrupt, and we all play Christ in this one as we become martyrs for the high priests and priestesses of the financial world. As our tax dollars go into record profits for Goldman Sachs, we all serve as martyrs for their sins -- or profits, depending on which side you're on. Yea unto our economic evangelists! Yea unto divine corporate intervention! Yea unto our profit prophets!

Who -- or what -- exactly, is becoming of this nation? We have been trained to be soldiers of the Dollar Almighty and to blindly accept the financial sermons screamed at us by CNBC and the Wall Street Journal. Where are our values anymore? Is this the best we can do?

Since this "new" America dawned in the '80s, we took a fairly well-regulated doctrine and somehow turned it into a fundamentalist duty. Sure, after WWII, the first shift to a material wealth culture began to emerge, but it really wasn't until Reaganomics that this nation was propelled into a financial holy war with itself: The Kings of Wall St. vs. Welfare Queens.

The line was drawn. The poor became the enemy. The rich became heroes. The in-between middle class, simply the fat kid in the basement window, trying to get outside to play with the rest of the cool kids.

Gone were the thinkers, inventors, artists, and truth tellers as our cultural elite. And if your version of the American dream didn't include a yacht, mistress, coke habit, and every other kind of excess you could dream up, well, then you're weren't really American, were you? This fundamentalist Capitalism got so bad it even infiltrated Hip Hop! Lest we forget, Hip Hop culture -- born from the spirit of community and activism -- wasn't always about blinging the shit out of your teeth. But diamonds are pretty, and really, what better way to prove your wealth by putting diamonds in your mouth?

This Capitalist fundamentalism is no longer a path to the American Dream: It is a mental illness and it is destroying America.

So why are we continuing to pray at these altars? Where is the uprising to completely restructure our financial system and furthermore, where are the prosecutions for these hijackers in the Fed, Treasury, and Wall St.? Why are we not putting them to trial?

Here, I'll speak in mainstream media language: "This is a financial 9/11" and we're arresting Henry Louis Gates for screaming racism but no one in the financial sector is getting cuffed for misappropriating billions of taxpayer dollars? What the hell is going on here? Where is the outrage?

Well I think it's time we "go Iran" on this system, because there's been a coup and it's been against us. This is no country. It's the biggest Get Rich Quick scheme in the history of the world. This is One Business, Under God, With Liberty and Justice for All.

God Bless America, indeed.