07/17/2012 03:47 pm ET Updated Sep 16, 2012

We Got 99 Problems, But Twitter Ain't One

Twitter is one of the most popular forms of social media in the world today with millions of followers tweeting, re-tweeting, and hashtagging (is that a word?) like crazy everyday! Whether on your computer, iPad, or smartphone, the act of tweeting is done at any place, any time.

My favorite Twitter accounts that I follow and retweet everyday (along with family members, friends, and my favorite celebrities) are the Twitter accounts that accurately (I mean, accurately) and hilariously tweet the common thoughts, feelings, and problems that different types of people have. From 90s Girl Problems to Preppy Kid Problems to Athlete Problems, there are Twitter accounts that represent who you are or what you think is funny.

Need a bit of therapy and humor at the same time? Here are my some hilarious Twitter accounts to get you started:

1) 90s Girl Problems (@90sgirlproblem)
Were you raised during the 90s? Have you seen every episode of Saved By The Bell, Full House, and Boy Meets World? Were you obsessed (I mean, obsessed) with Lisa Frank and your Tamagotchi? Did you listen to (or still listen to) *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears ALL the time? I plead guilty on all counts and that's why I follow this funny Twitter account which talks about these golden nuggets of nostalgia as well as other memories from the 90s.

"Where is my tamagotchi??" #thingsisaidinthe90s #90sgirlproblems

Also, please feel free to read my interview with the wonderful creators of 90s Girl Problems here.

2) 90s Boy Problems (@90sboyproblem)

The perfect counterpart to 90s Girl Problems, guys too can express their nostalgic notions of the '90s. Remember when you used to watch every episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and most likely know the entire opening rap of the show by heart? How about watching Michael Jordan dominate with the Bulls or playing and trading Pokemon cards with your friends? Well, you definitely have 90s boy problems and this account is for you!

"Goosebumps books and a renewed subscription to Nickelodeon Magazine apparently won't count as summer reading." #90sboyproblems

3) Mean Girls Problems (@MeanGirlsProbs)
Is your hairline weird? Are your pores huge? Do your nail buds suck? Do you have really bad breath in the morning? The Plastics have problems too after all, and if you're like me and know EVERY line of "Mean Girls" and recite them with your friends all the time, then this account (appropriately located at North Shore High School) is SO fetch!

"Glen Coco didn't perform at the Winter Talent Show.‪" #meangirlsproblems‬

4) Athlete Problems (@AthleteProbz)
When the sport or sports that you play and love take over your life! From waking up early to workout to long practices to a love for Nike running shorts, this Twitter account is for all of you athletes out there who sacrifice a lot to be your best!

"That moment when your dream college asks to set up a visit."»»»>‪#bestfeeling‬ ‪#oncloudnine‬

5) Preppy Kid Problems (@PrepKidProblems)
It's a hard life being a prep! From sporting your favorite pair of Sperry Top Siders to your summer vacations in Nantucket to your enduring love for polo shirts with popped collars, wealthy preppy kids have problems too. It's just that sometimes their butlers, maids, and housekeepers can't always solve them...just kidding!

"It's a great day to have a trust fund." #prepkidproblem

6) Honor Student Probz (@HonorStudents)
Being an honors student in school is hard work! Homework, studying for tests, writing long essays, and having a ton of AP classes in your schedule may mean less sleep and a non-existent social life, but this Twitter will make sure that you pass your classes and make the grade with a spoonful of comedy.

"I wish I knew what a full night of sleep feels like." ‪#honorstudentprobz‬

7) Music Problems (@music_problems)
If you're not up late studying or up early working out, then perhaps you're up late practicing your instrument for band or listening to opera and musical theater or writing a new song? If so, then join your fellow musicians in tweeting your problems!

"Not being able to practice your instrument during your summer vacation." ‪#musicproblems

8) JewishBoy Problems (@JewBoyProblems)‬
OH to be a Jewish boy. Wish you were taller than 5'8"? Want to tweet about how your Passover went this year? Or maybe you look up to Ari Gold (the character made famous by Jeremy Piven on the TV show "Entourage") as a role model? If you said yes to all of these, then this Twitter account is for Jew... I mean you.

"When I told my Mom I'm going to start dating this summer, she proceeded to forward me dating tips the rest of the day." #JewishBoyProblems

These are just some of the hundreds of "problem" Twitter accounts out there, so search through the Twittersphere and start tweeting!