02/21/2013 05:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Songs Crush: February

I love music so much. I listen to music when I do everything: when I'm wasting the hours of my life on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, when I'm getting dressed, when I'm doing my makeup, when I'm doing my hair, etc.

So, I'm going to write a post every month about the songs that I'm absolutely obsessed with during that month and that I listen to all the time. I've always been one of those people who listens to a song everyday for a month or so, then never listens to that song again, then starts listening to that song again randomly for another month or so. I'm sure there's a lot of you out there like that...or maybe it's just me.

Anyways, here are my (very girly) song crushes for February and why I love them:

1. Solange - "Losing You"

Listening to "Losing You" has this simultaneous sadness and happiness effect that "Elephant Gun" by Beirut also has on me. If you're going through a tough breakup, "Losing You" will have you sadly reminiscing about the good times with your ex one minute and then dancing like there's no tomorrow the next minute. It's such a fantastic song and the music video is awesome.

2. Beyoncé - "Countdown"

Speaking of the Knowles Sisters and their amazing songs and music videos, there's "Countdown" by Beyoncé. Even if you're not currently in a relationship or crazy in love (see what I did there?), you just can't help but dance and sing along when listening to "Countdown." Also, it's Beyoncé, who's currently on the cover of VOGUE, whose inspiring HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream, just aired and who is basically taking over the world. All hail The Queen B.

3. Rihanna - "SOS"

That moment when you have the biggest crush on a guy or girl and you think to yourself, "why are you making this so hard for me?" RiRi knows.

4. Rihanna - "Disturbia"

Speaking of Rihanna, I absolutely love her and I always will. I absolutely love this song and I always will. It's currently my ringtone. RiRi forever.

5. Britney Spears - "Overprotected"

Sometimes we just have to focus on ourselves and do whatever we want to do in our lives. Okay, not really, but it's still a great song by the legendary Miss Britney Spears.

6. Selena Gomez and the Scene - "Love You Like a Love Song"

I love this a love song baby.

7. David Guetta (feat. Rihanna) - Who's That Chick?

A super upbeat song that has me dancing for days and the brightest and most colorful music video ever.

8. Marina and the Diamonds - "Primadonna"

A fantastic song and I want like all of Marina's primadonna outfits in the music video.

9. Madonna - "Hung Up"

When you're tired of waiting for his or her call every night and day and you just have to dance it everywhere you go.

10. Keri Hilson - "Pretty Girl Rock"

An amazing music video, the perfect song to listen to when getting ready, and a friendly reminder that jealousy is the ugliest trait, so don't ever do it.

11. Destiny's Child - "Say My Name"

My favorite Destiny's Child song ever and a song whose lyrics I never forget.

Like I said, it's a very girly playlist for me for February. What songs are you obsessed with this month? Let me know in the comments below!