01/26/2012 10:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama's State of the Union Speech: Behind the Scenes With the Speechwriters

Few British political speechwriters though there may be, anyone who writes any kind of speech is likely to be interested not only in this film but also by the fact that it had nearly 400,000 views on YouTube within 24 hours of being posted there.
A cunning part of team Obama's communication strategy perhaps, but there's something very refreshing about a top politician openly admitting that he gets help with his speeches and being willing to give a public platform to those who help him.
So far, I've only watched it once and found the most annoying part was the awful background musak -- but the producers of the film maybe know something that I don't about how distracting noises can enhance the impact of such propaganda...
The State of the Union address itself seemed to go down pretty well. But the video posted by the White House had another major distraction -- on which more shortly in Part (2).