10/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McCain's "Mission Accomplished" Stunt

History is repeating itself.

George Bush staged perhaps the biggest political stunt in American history when he put on a flight suite, landed on an aircraft carrier, and declared "mission accomplished" -- just as the war in Iraq had already begun to go south as the occupation began to unravel.

John McCain has now decided to do something similar.

With the economy in crisis and McCain's poll numbers tanking, McCain decided to stage his own "mission accomplished" stunt. By "suspending his campaign" and injecting himself into the delicate negotiating process on the Hill -- despite knowing nothing about the economy and not having been to the Senate to vote since April 7th -- McCain has completely torpedoed a potential deal. Of course, this was by design, because McCain has to be seen as the guy who brought Republicans on board. When McCain arrived yesterday in the Senate a deal had already been reached, which was bad news for McCain, because it would be impossible for him to take credit. McCain then decided to go over to the House side to meet with Minority Leader Boehner and magically a few hours later at the White House meeting the deal was scuttled.

McCain's latest stunt completely discredits those, like David Brooks, who have excused McCain's despicable behavior thus far, as simply a byproduct of a modern campaign. The fact that John McCain would so brazenly play politics with this economic crisis, when people's retirement accounts are teetering in the balance, small businesses can't get loans, and banks are collapsing, demonstrates that McCain is not just willing to run a dishonorable campaign to become president, but he is willing to destroy the country as well. Country first, indeed.