10/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

What Palin Needs to do Tonight

There is a lot riding on Palin's speech tonight. It is not simply good enough for Palin to give a good speech that further
develops her bio. Nor is it good enough for her to deliver campaign one-liners on various issues. Since we know very little about her views on
the crucial issues confronting this nation, she needs to do more. She
needs to lay out what her positions are on a number of policy areas,
specifically on foreign policy - the area of biggest concern.

  • What are her views on Iraq? Does she still believe that we need an exit strategy, or does she agree with John McCain's calls to stay indefinitely?
  • Will she mention Afghanistan? There is a war there too, which is increasingly going badly. Does she believe that troops must be taken from Iraq and sent to Afghanistan?
  • What are her views on global warming? She said she didn't think that global warming was impacted by human activity - a position that McCain disagrees with. How will she address this difference?
  • What about Russia? This is the one country that conservatives claim she has some knowledge about. What does she think about the current crisis?
  • What about Iran? Does she think that war with Iran may be inevitable or does she think we should attempt to negotiations?

This are important questions that in today's world any nominee for vice president must address.