06/04/2008 11:35 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Why No Talk of Secretary of Defense?

A few weeks back Ilan Goldenberg and others debated who should be the Secretary of Defense in a Democratic administration. Ilan persuasively argued against Chuck Hagel as Sec Def - but that leads to the obvious question over who should be the Sec Def in a Democratic administration?

With all the talk swirling over who will be the VP nominee -- I am surprised that no one has mentioned HRC as a possible Secretary of Defense. HRC has been on the Armed Services committee since she came to the Senate and has greatly impressed those in uniform and military wonks with her knowledge and expertise. I have heard a number of anecdotes from people sent in to brief her on a given military subject that she was often just as knowledgeable about the subject as the briefer. Also talk about breaking glass ceilings -- it would be enormously path-breaking to have a woman in charge of our most manly of institutions. And from her perspective the position of Sec Def will no doubt be of great importance and influence given that the next administration will be embroiled in two wars.

Of course there are reasons why Hillary would not want such a role and why Obama would want to look in an another direction. But as baseless speculation amps up over the VP nominee, I am surprised there has been no baseless speculation about Hillary in the Pentagon. 

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