3 Reasons Why Penis Size Matters

Does size matter? I'm about to answer a question that sooo many dudes have on their minds and I'm curious to know if you have this question too. You may even wanna grab some tea and popcorn before watching this one because I'm gonna answer the question: "Does size matter?" for you.

Yes, there's most definitely a direct correlation between the size of a man's penis and his level of self-esteem and confidence. If there wasn't a correlation, no one would ask this question in the first place yet so many guys think about this every day.

As you already know, penises come in all shapes and sizes. Just like some people are tall, some people are short, and everyone has a different shade of skin.

When it comes to your own confidence and self-esteem, I want you to remember these three things:

First, you're ok just the way you are.

If you reject yourself for having a penis size that's just average, too small, or too big, then you're never gonna feel the way you deserve to feel.

I assume you want to feel confident and have a healthy, positive self-esteem.

You've got to accept that your penis is the one that was given to you and you're not gonna get another one no matter how much you wish and pray for another one.

When I was 14, I used to think mine wasn't good enough because I'd see these massive shlongs on porn videos that I watched. I even considered stealing my dad's credit card to purchase some of those penis enhancement pills to compensate for my shame.

That leads me to point number 2. You gotta work with what you have.

Like I said, you're not gonna get a different type of penis in your lifetime. This isn't like turning in a used car for a new one.

I tell all of my students and clients that. "Your body is a temple." This means you wouldn't throw trash near a shrine or spray paint the walls of the Taj Majal.

This means that you must speak kind words toward yourself, especially when you think about Mr. Ding Dong. Some people say that penises are the family jewels, and they're totally right. They are jewels, so you better treat them with respect.

Lastly, the reason you're probably so hung up on the question "does size matter" is because you're concerned about whether or not you and sexual partners are getting the sexual satisfaction that you desire.

Yes, penis size can make a difference in having more or less sexual satisfaction. If you want a more scientific answer for the nitty gritty details on that, please ask Mr. Google.

But from the emotional perspective, there are three primary factors that will determine if you and your partner actually get sexually satisfied. Those factors include confidence, an enjoyable personality, and attraction. These three factors are all learned skills and you don't even have to have a big penis!

Does size matter? Now you know the answer.

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