10/09/2014 05:00 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2014

LAPD Is Helping to Make It Safe to Rape in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Police Department

A significant number of LAPD Detectives feel "stranger rape is the only 'real' rape," according to a report published by the Justice Department.

Only one out of every nine rape cases reported to the LAPD result in an arrest. And only one out of every 13 rapists are ever found guilty. Think about this please for a minute. Fewer than half of the victims of rape ever report the crime to police.

So, if you are a rapist, why not move to Los Angeles, where you can be 95% certain that you will not be convicted of rape.

I read a horrifying, though fascinating, investigative report that was paid for the U.S. Department of Justice (thank you Eric Holder) which found that a significant number of police investigators of sexual assault cases believe that "stranger rape is the only 'real' rape."
These detectives' ethos often goes hand-in-hand with their belief that:

- nonstranger sexual assault is not as serious as stranger rape and

- Non stranger rape is often the victim's fault.

These Detectives are reluctant or unwilling to arrest in he said/she said cases.

An official LAPD Facebook Page states that "auto and home burglaries are the NUMBER ONE VICTIM ASSISTED CRIME"

The propagation of the notion of Victim Assisted Crime is Neanderthal. But it is a central tenant of Chief Beck's crime fighting ethos. Come on Chief Beck -- change your attitude towards crime victims. Join Us. It is time for your force to stop blaming the victims.

- Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

If you are interested in reading the whole report, which was written by Cassia Spohn, PhD and Katharine Tellis, MSW, PhD, you can find it here.

We all owe these two researchers at Arizona State University a debt of gratitude. Thank you both.