02/05/2012 02:43 am ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

Improvement Starts With "I"

One of my favorite artists, Vincent van Gogh, once said: "I dream of painting and then I paint my dream." He didn't just sit around waiting for his dreams to come true. Instead, he went out and made sure that his dream did come true. Van Gogh accomplished his dreams through creating many different works of art. One of my favorite paintings from him is "Starry Night." I wonder what he had been dreaming about that inspired him to paint it.

As football season comes to a close, it would not be a bad idea for certain teams to think about painting their dreams. If we think about it, football is like a work of art. Players have to dress, eat, and practice a certain way. Teams, offence, and defense always make different collaborations of different plays throughout a game. In this way, teams have to dream before they paint by having meetings, practice, and just envisioning at night what their football future will hold for them. Those are their dreams. But why are some teams still stuck in the dreaming zone?

I've heard at school many times before that improvement starts with "I." There are definitely great teams out there, but there is always that one person that really needs to improve. If it is not with in game then it is probably in their attitude. Different players on a football team can tell when one of their fellow teammates are having a series of bad days. Eventually, it starts to rub off on other players and can cause tension between teammates.

Football teams that came up short know that they have to fill in the gaps in this offseason that didn't make them world champions. Teams like the Jets, Lions, and the Packers need to listen to Muhammad Ali's quote: "Don't count the days, make the days count." There is always that one day in football that changes the whole outlook of your season and it is up to the whole team to make each and every day count. It is only then that players can finally paint their dream out on the football field.