03/28/2012 09:06 am ET Updated May 28, 2012

Tim Tebow: Build a Door if Opportunity is not Knocking

Luck to Colts, Peyton to Broncos, Tebow to Jets, Tebow not to Jets, Tebow to Jets then Drew to Colts to backup Andrew Luck. I hoped every single day that Peyton Manning would not join the Jets because I want Mark Sanchez as the starter. But all that hoping made me get a big slap in the face when Tim Tebow joined the team. I was so shocked that I didn't know where to begin. Why the Jets when they signed Sanchez to five more years? Why bring in a starting quarterback as a backup -- as nothing more than a bus driver?

"He can be a bus driver, but not a race-car driver." One of my favorite NFL reporters tweeted this quote a couple of days ago connecting this to the quarterback of the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has been getting a lot of heat lately because the Jets traded him for quarterback Tim Tebow. They want him as a backup of course, but as soon as Sanchez throws an incomplete pass, that may not even be his fault, Jet fans in the stadium are going to be divided on whose jersey to wear -- Sanchez or Tebow? When I compared the stats from last season for both of them, Sanchez did have a better record than Tebow, but somehow people think Mark Sanchez cannot be better than a "bus driver."

I'm not the coach or general manager for the Jets yet, but if I was, I would tell Sanchez: "Well, you know what Sanchez, if people are only going to see you as a 'bus driver' then you better be the best 'bus driver' out on that field!" Starting quarterbacks are never supposed to let their backup see the field because if that happens, they will be forced to say goodbye to the field. I love Tim Tebow but I want Sanchez to lead the Jets. I think he can be the best "bus driver" out there. And when that happens, "bus driver" who?

In his first season as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez led his team to the AFC Championship game. In Tim Tebow's first season as a starter, he led his team to the playoffs but fell short in the second game. Since I was a fan of Tebow before he came to the Jets, and now he is a Jet, I will still be a fan of his no matter what. He is, after all, a part of the Jets family now. But if people are seriously going to start buying jerseys for the backup quarterback, then I might as well buy a David Carr jersey. Who is David Carr? Exactly my point.

Fredrick Douglass once said, "Without a struggle, there can be no progress." There is going to be progress for Mark Sanchez -- I believe it. I can feel it. I always thought it would help if there were more people behind him, supporting him. But after reading the bus driver comment, I can promise you, you will see progress, with or without your support. Because you know what, Sanchez, I hate saying this but the door was already built for you. Mr. Opportunity is knocking and no one else can open the door but you.