06/24/2014 03:04 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2014

To the Wonderful Mom That I Met Today

Meg Harris

To the wonderful mom I met today,

As we sat in line waiting for our children to be let in to the Dinosaur Dig exhibit today, we shared knowing glances as our boys raised their hands in excitement and answered every question that the very patient narrator asked. We understood each others' need to physically move our boys back, as it seemed that with each question they got closer and closer to that very patient narrator until we both thought they may knock her over!! And I had to laugh when I made a comment to you that I would have to assume that the very patient narrator must look forward to her nightly drink after dealing with these kids all day and you said to me, "I know I do!!"

What I did not expect is that you were also keeping your eye on my daughter, Eliza, who has atypical Rett Syndrome and you watched as her excitement grew and grew until she could barely contain herself any longer. As that very patient narrator handed out the tools to each child for them to use in the exhibit, you must have noticed that I had planned on keeping my daughter with me instead of letting her participate in the dig -- not something that I would normally do. I had made that decision because when I purchased the tickets for all three exhibits, they had told me that on this one I could not participate in the dig with her and without seeing it, I was not sure if she could manage it without me. As she looked at me and said "Me too!" "Me too!", I felt awful because in that moment I realized that she could indeed handle the dig alone and in all of my efforts to include her in everything I felt as though I had failed her. You must have seen my despair because you quietly walked behind me and went back upstairs to the ticket counter without my knowing and purchased a ticket for my daughter so that she could participate alongside all of the other children. I was so thankful and so moved by your sensitivity and your generosity when you handed me the ticket!

So, to the wonderful mom I met today, I just wanted to say thank you! Eliza had the time of her life!