11/28/2010 08:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Caribbean Hideaways

Tasked with the lovely assignment of hunting out some of the Caribbean's lesser-known properties for my latest book, Caribbean Hideaways, I was delighted to learn that a few unspoiled places (where the essentials; sun, beach and aquamarine waters remain the focal point) do still exist. And even in some of the most saturated island destinations.

Given this is the second installment in my Hideaways series (Italian Hideaways came out in May of 2008) I'm often asked to name my favorite Hideaway. Now, not unlike what parents say about their children, I truly have no favorite, rather there are simply some that please for different reasons. So, my stock reply is to turn it back to the questioner and ask them to qualify what they mean by "favorite"; as in favorite beach, favorite place to go as a group or inversely, favorite spot to shut out the world. Each spot in the book has its own 'favorite' emblem and they're all distinct, again, just like your children.

Below is a slideshow of a few images from my book, Caribbean Hideaways, that showcase three Hideaways, each a particular favorite. As the weather turns colder, I hope these images will entice you southward.