03/12/2012 11:03 am ET Updated May 12, 2012

Women Perfectionists: You Don't Need To Be Ashamed Of Doing This Anymore

Back in the days when people read paper, women I knew in college used to tear out Glamour magazine's monthly "Hey, it's OK..." feature and tape it to their dormitory dry erase boards. The thing is, I never bothered to put up said board and only occasionally related to what qualified as okay -- though I definitely appreciated that the editors excused my chipped nail polish. But what about my other problems?

 Is it okay to run so awkwardly on the treadmill that fellow gym goers choose not to run next to you? Peanut butter and jelly smoothies made while on Ambien, okay or no?

About a year ago, I started casually noting my more questionable choices, just in case I ever wanted to fix them. Each day a new one popped up like a tragic female-themed Snapple fact. And as the list grew, I realized something: Some of these things are not okay and never will be (see the aforementioned smoothies), but many others aren't really that terrible -- I just decided at some point that they were. I also noticed that those, for some reason, are the ones I berate myself for the most. I suspect (although I have no actual confirmation -- yet) that I'm not alone in this. So I've decided to come clean. Let it all hang out. Here are 10 things I'm not going to be ashamed of anymore -- and you shouldn't either.

10 Things Not Worth Your Guilt