04/09/2015 04:04 pm ET Updated Jun 09, 2015

Balance... A Reminder From the Washing Machine

Vmelinda via Getty Images

Balance, balance, balance...

However, banal the idea it is relevant and can be observed in more areas of our lives than not. Rather, 'the lack of balance' is more easily recognized. Time again the simple lessons of life are whispered in my ear through everyday situations or noisily clunked into my brain such was the case with the load of darks that I unevenly distributed when I hastily tossed them into the washing machine.

A sound bounced off the walls, which I most closely related to sneakers that lazily thump around while in the dryer. In an attempt to remedy the noise, I paused the cycle and opened the lid for inspection. Fighting with the weight of the water-soaked clothes, I tugged on a few shirtsleeves; stretching the tangled items until the awful sound of fibers ripping caused me to relinquish my struggle. I then shifted the load as best I could in hopes that the simple readjustments would put an end to the surprisingly loud sounds from the laundry room.

I settle back in with a cup tea and after a few minutes and am forced once again to rise to inspect as what was a gentle, bearable thud returned to its previous loud thump.

I could see this was going to take patience and effort.

I slowly untangled the waterlogged pieces of clothing, winding a long sleeve out of twisted tank top and unwind pants that have curled themselves, forming a pretzel shape around several other pieces of clothing. I slowly and diligently separated each piece of clothing laying them on the perimeter of the washer and then returned to them one by one, balancing the weight around the tub. Closing the lid, I pressed start. The clicking sound of the lock engaging was followed only by the gentle whirl of the spin cycle.

What a lovely reminder to apply to life! Sometimes slowing down we save time and effort in the long run.