06/09/2014 12:33 pm ET Updated Aug 09, 2014

Stop to Smell the Mailboxes

Image Source RF/Robin James via Getty Images

This morning's walk is dedicated to Mary Oliver, who I was recently introduced to. A woman whose relationship with her dog and nature are equally as strong.

Abigail and I have become accustomed to walking without a leash. I find it necessary to scoop her solid, little body up only when other dog owners of more ferocious dogs have their pets off of leashes and Abigail gets territorial.

During this morning's walk around the block, she bolted across the street and started heavily sniffing a mailbox. I made my way across the street to give her a gentle nudge to come back to our walking path and she quickly moved along to the next mailbox, then the next and then on to a large shrub. I could tell that she had this desire for awhile and she was finally filling her palate with all the new, intriguing scents.

She reminded me that we often go through our routine because we are in a hurry or because it is the most efficient way. It is often very pleasant and stress-free as well, but every once in awhile you have to break from your path and make a dart across the street to "smell the roses" or a mailbox!