3 Essential Apps for Your Health

01/21/2014 05:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The phone. The thing we love. Love to hate. Hate being attached to. Love killing time with. We pretend it makes us more productive, but really it just keeps us busy. We feel lost without it and simultaneously a little freer, too.

And so it is, the complex relationship we have with our smart phones.

But what if we could use our phones to improve our health? That's what I wanted to find out, so I called the best person in all the land to help me answer this question: The Queen of Social Media, my friendᅡᅠAmber Mac.

Since we're ditching New Year's resolutions in favor of awesome intentions, I asked Amber for three apps that could fuel our minds, bodies and spirits.

In this episode, Amber shares her top recommends for taking care of ourselves inside and out. Extra bonus -- not a single one of her recommendations counts calories or tells us how far we need to run to burn them off.

Here are the links to the three apps for your health that we discuss in the video:

App #1: Spirit withᅡᅠThe Calm App

App #2: Body withᅡᅠFooducateᅡᅠ(click on the "Our Apps" link in the menu)

App#3: Mind withᅡᅠLumosity

If you aren't already following Amber on Twitter,ᅡᅠdo it!

What apps do you use regularly to help you stay on track? Please share your wisdom!