02/25/2014 02:55 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2014

Proposed 'Ministry of Marriage and Divorce' Sparks Controversy

Official statistics released in late 2013 by the government of Iran revealed that one of out of five marriages overall, and one out of three in Iran's bigger cities, end in divorce in less than four years. The latest idea to surface as a possible way to address this issue is the drafting and submission of a proposal to establish a Ministry of Marriage and Divorce.

In an interview at the end of December with ISNA, the state news agency, Mahmoud Golzari, deputy minister of organization at the Ministry of Sports and Youth, connected Iranian's marital problems to a lack of education, describing thorough knowledge of marital life before entering it as a form of vaccination. Golzari said that 20 percent and 30 percent are incredibly high percentages for divorce.

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