04/13/2012 10:51 am ET Updated Jun 13, 2012

Paris: Fact or Fiction? [QUIZ]

France is a country that pulls us in two directions: We both love to love it, and love to hate it.

On the one hand, we embrace the Parisian reputation of being a fine dining, fashion, art and architecture mecca. On the other hand, we constantly hear people complaining about how rude and snobby, stinky and disorganized the French can be.

I had the great privilege of living in Paris for two years: Once during my junior year abroad from Stanford, as an exchange student in 1992; then again in 2002, while I was writing a book. I just returned from a two-week long vacation in Paris this spring, 2012. The first week, I enjoyed a reunion with my six favorite classmates from the Stanford overseas program. The second week was a blissful belated honeymoon for me and the Love of My Life, Kiran (we eloped last September).

I've compiled this quiz/slideshow, with all photographs by my super talented husband Kiran Ramchandran (@KiranCreates on Instagram), to test your feelings on Paris: Rude or Polite? Fashion forward or behind the times? Culinary wonder or just so-so? I express my opinions. Now here's your chance to express yours by voting on each slide and commenting.

QUIZ Paris: Fact or Fiction?