10/22/2014 06:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Only Way to Peace Is Love: Why War Won't End the Conflict


Image Credit: Vladimir Nikulin via 123rf

I admit. I usually ignore the news. Not because I am ignorant, but because I care. So I consciously choose to focus at positive events, knowing that should something of utter importance take place in the world, it will find its way to my eyes and ears.

So it keeps happening this year. And it so saddens me. All those beautiful parts of our planet that have been transformed into war zones. Would I not know of a greater truth to life, I think it might break me. What good is a war? What is its goal? To bring peace? Can peace ever be built on blood? No, it cannot. Peace only springs from love. And love does not kill. Love does not destroy. Love does not know borders. Love does not even protect or defend itself. Love only loves. Love IS.

We call ourselves civilized. But a true civilization does not possess weapons, because it doesn't need them. We are a primitive race. And I am not saying this in a judgmental way. I am saying this from an observer's view. The human race is still in its baby shoes. And the time for growth has arrived. No matter how wise our words may sound. Our actions do not match and aren't good enough.

The enemy does not live in another country or in another body. The enemy lives within us. Within each of us. The enemy is fear. Fear separates. Fear dictates. Fear paralyzes. Fear kills. What we need is no war. We don't even need a revolution. What we need is an evolution. A conscious evolution. And we need it now.

What happens when two quarreling countries put their weapons down and declare peace? Will all conflict be ended that way? It won't. Peace is nothing that can be signed in an agreement. Peace is nothing that can be arranged by any world leaders. Peace is nothing that any government is in charge of. Peace is something that springs from the heart. It is something that has to be awakened in each individual being. Peace is a state. In fact, peace is our natural state. All else has slowly generated through the illusion of separation.

Separation is the greatest illusion there is, bringing endless pain over the world. There is no you and I, but only we. We are all connected. We are all One. When I want to hurt you, I unconsciously hurt myself. In fact, without being hurt myself already, I wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else. It's a vicious cycle that can and needs to be broken. It's a cycle driven by fear.

Fear is purely a survival mode; some may defend it as survival instinct. But we didn't come here to survive. Survival isn't good enough. We came here to live and to live fully. All else is a degradation of our own worthiness and defamation towards life itself.

Let's take a look at our personal war zones. We all have them. We might not use a gun or a sword, but also words cut deep. So let's start with ourselves, instead of pointing the finger which improves nothing. Let us re-awaken to our core which is pure love. When we return to our true nature, love, nothing can harm us. And thus we will not harm anyone either. With there not being an inner conflict, no outer conflict can take place. If the mind doesn't plant the seed, there is no fertile soil for it to grow. So choose your thoughts consciously, act consciously. Make a conscious decision when others try to pull you into their world of drama. By entering you do no one a favor. Be conscious. That's the greatest gift you can make the world. What the world needs are people who live life by example. Those are the true, silent leaders.

Do I lose faith in humanity? No, not ever. The day I lose faith in humanity, I lose faith in myself. We are all One. We have only forgotten. The enemy I am facing in every fight I am fighting is myself. My opponent is no more than my reflection, so breaking the mirror won't do the job. If we cannot find peace within, our world will never find it without.

I have got friends from all parts of the world. From every continent and every culture. From every religion and from no religion. Not one is like the other. Everybody is unique and yet we are all the same. We are all souls who have chosen to come here for a human experience. It was our decision to be here on earth at this very moment in time. A special moment in time. A time, where a massive shift is happening. So let's be part of this shift; consciously. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second. Let's take responsibility; not just for what is going on in our world but all over the world. You are here for a reason. And the world needs you. So let us return home - to LOVE, which is the mothership of PEACE.

May peace prevail on earth; starting in our hearts.