12/02/2014 03:38 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2015

Starve the Fear, Feed the Goal

mattjeacock via Getty Images

Are you suffering from "iffluenza"? It's a common ailment that affects millions who wallow in hesitation and wishy-washy wishing.

Common signs of "iffluenza" are A) Using the words "If only" to put road blocks in front of your way. B) Being iffy about making decisions and taking steps to pursue goals and C) Putting too many "Ifs" -- conditions and stipulations -- in the way of making progress.

If doubt is blocking your route to the next stage of your life, maybe it's time for some mental Rx. You need to adopt my "Adaptable Care Act." Here goes:

1. Adapt to situations: Accept your limitations to a point and then adopt new ways to deal with situations head on to make them work for you. Adaptability means stop being inflexible. Inflexibility -- or "stiffluenza" -- is another strain of the disease. You remain set in your ways without an open mind.`

2. Focus on "What If?" and "Why Not?" instead of "If Only" and "Why Bother?" The late actress Audrey Hepburn said it best: "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible."

3. Starve the fear. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." In other words: "Get out of your own way!"

4. Feed the goal. A dream is just a dream until you take action to realize it. Setting a goal and a vision is a start. Each day do one thing to take a step closer to that goal. It may mean taking baby steps at first but keep moving. A sedentary mind is just as unhealthy as a sedentary body.

5. Instead of using the word "If" to create a road block, use it to create a stepping stone. Example: Instead of "If I had more time, I could..." say instead, "If I rearrange my schedule, I can..."

"Iffluenza" tends to be epidemic among people who suffer from low self esteem. If you hang around them too long, it can be de-energizing. Make sure to give yourself a booster shot of self-esteem, get outside for a dose of fresh air, recharge your spirit and stay active in mind and body. Heal your ifs and use your gifts.