04/03/2014 04:36 pm ET Updated Jun 03, 2014

Social Work Month: All People Matter

March is Social Work Month and here at Provide, we are celebrating the incredible role social workers play in helping people navigate life's needs and challenges and in particular, in supporting women's health and reproductive justice for all people. "All People Matter" is this year's Social Work Month theme, to which we add our own call to action: "Everyone has a role."

Often overlooked in their work, social workers contribute countless hours to the support and empowerment of their communities. At the heart of the social work profession is the truth that all people deserve access to accurate information as well as safe, evidence-based care and the services they need to lead healthy, self-determined lives. This truth is the foundation of our work as well. Provide works closely with social workers and other social service providers who have devoted themselves to the hard and rewarding task of helping others, especially around the really hard issues in life. As direct providers of services to women, they are essential partners in our work to connect women to information and services regarding abortion - we could not reach women without them, and we are proud to bring resources and support for their work.

Everyone has a role to play in contributing to women's health and autonomy. Everyone matters -- be it the provider, the client, the advocate or the policy maker. We celebrate and thank social workers, this month and every day, for their work to ensure the rights of all people to make free and informed choices about their bodies and their lives, to provide accurate and clear information and resources and to hear what people need and offer support.

On Thursday March 27, Provide and Social Workers for Reproductive Justice held a tweet chat to honor Social Work Month and to discuss the ways that social work is important to the work we do in reproductive justice and abortion access. We used the tag #SocialWorkRepro in order to keep all participants involved, and had a moving discussion about the role social workers play in all of our lives. One of the highlights was this resource shared by Nicole Clark -- a list of ways we can all raise our voices for reproductive justice.

Though Social Work Month is coming to a close, our gratitude to social workers is year-round.