11/10/2014 08:11 am ET Updated Jan 10, 2015

4 Ways to Find More Time for Sales in Your Small Business

If your sales in your small business aren't hitting your monthly goals, think about devoting more time to developing sales. When you're a 1 person business, it's on you to wear all the hats in your business - including marketing, operations, human resources, and sales, etc. Since cloning is not an option at this point, you must make the best use of the time you spend in your business, with sales at the top of the list. Here are 4 ways to help you find more time for sales in your small business.

1. Make It a Priority
Every element of your business screams for your attention, but few have nearly the impact that sales do. To that end, make sure it's priority for you and move things around so you can focus on increasing sales.

2. Find Extra Time

Before you laugh at the idea of finding an extra second in your overstuffed schedule, hear me out. So many of us waste part of our days on the wrong activities, and it's not even obvious until we really pay attention.

For one week, write everything you do in a calendar, including how much time you spend on each activity. So Monday might look like:
• 8-8:30 am: checked emails and responded to them
• 8:30-8:45 am: coffee break
• 8:45-10 am: wrote blog posts
• 10-10:30 am: aimlessly surfed Facebook [time waster!]
• 10:30-11 am: spoke to client

You get my drift. The goal here is to find those spots of time when you're not doing things that will contribute to the growth of your company. This exercise will also help you assess what tasks you could hand off to others. In this example, you could hire a freelance writer to take over the blogging and free yourself up tremendously.

3. Set Your Sales Goals
Simply being dissatisfied with your current sales isn't enough. You have to clearly define what it is you actually want. How much do you want to increase them? Which products do you want to sell more of? By setting your intention, you can go a long way to dedicating more energy toward your sales and actually helping them increase.

4. Set Up Strategy Sessions
If sales don't cross your mind until you see each quarter's low numbers, move it to the front of your mind by putting it on your calendar. Whether you schedule a sales strategy session with co-workers or just yourself, this time should be spent assessing current efforts and coming up with ideas to boost sales. If you have a marketing department, rope them in so the conversation can really dig in to how both sales and marketing can work together toward common goals.

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