03/26/2012 12:08 pm ET Updated May 26, 2012

Greene Day

Benefit season is well underway, which translates to a host of "kick-off" parties to build buzz for their respective event. Not that New Yorkers for Children really needs one: as of this writing, tickets for their annual Fool's Fete (to be held on Tuesday, April 10), are either almost or completely sold out. I suppose that in itself is something to celebrate. Accordingly, this past Tuesday, women's evening designer and gala sponsor CD Greene held court at BG Restaurant and welcomed NFYC Committee members, editors, and a smattering of additional New York circuit staples for an evening of cocktails to toast the charity and all those involved.

For this writer, the evening began with a bit of an elevator adventure. Eager to get on the first one available, I pressed "7" (the BG floor) but failed to notice that the elevator was on its way down to the makeup floor. What ensued were a couple of rides up and down the store -- I didn't realize that I had to press "7" all over again -- until we finally landed in the lobby for one final trip. In walked the always lovely Vanessa Von Bismarck with her husband, Max Weiner, who were also on their way to BG. Safety in numbers, as they say. Ever the trouper (she is due to give birth to her next child in six weeks), she and her husband stopped by on the early side before heading downtown to The Hunger Games premiere.

Once upstairs (finally!), we got a close look at the glittery, head-turning confections of the designer, expertly sported by hosts Alina Cho, Allison Aston, and Claire McKeon, in addition to a handful of models. As for the designer himself? His fashion choices for the evening were slightly more eclectic: "So, the first thing is, it was a beautiful day and summer -- I mean spring -- and 95 percent of the time I'm wearing black," Greene told me as he explained his more colorful ensemble. "The jacket is Yohji Yamamoto, and my Prada shoes, as you can see, pick up the colors of the jacket even if they don't totally match."

He got involved in NYFC "through Alina. I dress her for black tie events, and through her, I met the president and vice President of New Yorkers for Children, and they were so nice and it's for such a good cause, that within two weeks I made a decision [to sponsor the benefit]."

So has he put any thought into what he will be wearing for the big event? But of course. "I'm thinking of wearing a Comme des Garcons suit. In Paris all of the guys are always in a sea of black, so I like to stand out with color. I also have a Prada suit that's grey and lovely, but I am leaning towards the look that will stand out more." And no doubt the Greene-clad ladies will draw their own share of attentive admirers come April 10.