09/06/2010 01:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Basque Bounty

When Elizabeth Gilbert set off on her now-famous journey to eat, pray and love, she started in Italy. But these days, the hottest destination for the traveling gourmet is the Basque Country. The region's restaurants range from renowned establishments known for cutting-edge techniques, like that of Martin Berasategui, to traditional pinxtos bars, where locals debate politics while they dine on stacks of mini-tapas. The center of the culinary scene is San Sebastian, a picturesque Belle Époque resort town that boasts a higher density of Michelin stars than Paris. Perhaps the most famous structure in the Basque Country remains Bilbao's glamorous Guggenheim museum. But the region's eateries, hidden in unassuming farmhouses and narrow bars on cobblestone streets, take a close second place.

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