01/12/2011 01:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Four Hot Spots to Visit in 2011

Given how much I travel, some people might think that I would tire of getting back on a plane. But even as I explore destinations -- in 2010, I traveled for the first time to Chile, Colombia, Croatia and Montenegro -- and return to favorites like Turkey and Morocco, I find that my must-visit list of new spots and old favorites keeps growing.

Here are some places I hope to see in 2011.

For a Style Fix: Beirut

Yes, the State Department recently issued a strong warning against Americans traveling to Beirut, Lebanon, but I am still dying to go. In fact, when I recently asked a friend who had just returned how she felt, she said, "I felt stupid, ugly, provincial and poor, but I never felt unsafe. Everyone is so worldly, glamorous and rich that I simply felt inadequate." Another friend, who is Lebanese, swears that Dubai is done and Beirut is the real heartbeat of the Middle East at the moment. I'd like to see for myself.

For Global Perspective: Beijing

When I visited Beijing, more than a decade ago, bicycles dominated the streets and wise travelers avoided eating meat if they didn't want to try mutt for dinner. Since then, the city has changed at warp speed and now has an estimated 150,000 millionaires in residence. I just came back and was amazed to see the new art, architecture and ambition against the backdrop of splendors like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and the Great Wall. I would love to bring friends and introduce them to some of the fascinating people and places I discovered.

For Sensory Overload: India

Nowhere I have visited stimulates the five senses in such a vibrant way as India. The riot of sounds, the richness of colors, the variety of smells, even the complexity of languages and religions add to such layering of life that this year I would like to return with a small group for a trip with special palace and artisan visits.

To Totally Drop Out: Fiji

I would love to get to Laucala Island in Fiji, which was the Forbes family's private escape. The founder of Red Bull has bought it and upgraded everything to create the ultimate tropical fantasy island. Our members who have visited already swear it's the most stunning beach escape ever. I would like to see if it lives up to the hype and the photos.

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