03/29/2011 11:35 am ET Updated May 29, 2011

Top 5 Lessons From CNBC's 'Divorce Wars'

One day you're sitting across the breakfast table sharing the paper, discussing what to do about dinner, and smiling at your kids. And, let's say, that's been going on for a decade or two.
The next day, you're emptying the house while your husband is at work, cleaning out every item, including his clothes. And, even taking the dog. How does this happen? What trips the switch? Can it happen to me?

These are the questions that sparked our new documentary on CNBC, Divorce Wars.

Haven't we all looked at a couple clawing each other's eyes out and wondered how it came to that? We discovered the new rules of divorce that everyone should know before they even think about getting married.

Melissa Francis

The most important rule: watch Divorce Wars, Tuesday at 9pm ET/PT on CNBC. Watch it alone. You don't want your spouse to have a leg up, just in case.