07/31/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McCain: Gaffe-licious

I was perusing and came across an article posted in the Baltimore Sun Wednesday afternoon.The story was curious to say the least. Why? Sen. John McCain told his donors at a fundraiser Monday that he will be outspent by Sen. Barack Obama during the presidential campaign.

According to the article: "McCain told donors that he would be outspent this year because he is accepting public financing while Obama is not. 'I kept my word' to stay in the public system, McCain said. 'He didn't.'"

I don't know that this even qualifies as a gaffe. Actually, I know it doesn't. This is just disgusting. Why in the world would he even bring this up?

At best, it's questionable whether he's following campaign finance laws to begin with, but this statement is beyond disingenuous.

How much do we, the American public, need to know before we realize that the only thing Sen. McCain has earned this campaign season is the nickname "McSame?"

Honestly, does this man not care about his own reputation?

I really hate to see him eaten alive by the Republican Machine. Truly. It's despicable. If anything, the man should be allowed to let himself come through. I know, get your head out, right? Seriously.

How much of the "real" McCain are we seeing? Is his behavior a continuation of Bush's, "I wanna have a beer, with this guy, so I'm going to vote for him for president?" Or has McCain really lost it? I know that, somewhere, the McCain of 2000 is in there. The person who earned the "Maverick," moniker. Where did he go?

Ask yourself this, "am I really better off than I was eight years ago?" If you can honestly answer, "yes," to this, then by all means, vote for him, but do all of us a favor, if he does win in November, don't come whining to us when things get worse.

Look, with just what has been reported about him, it should be enough for anybody to not vote for him, yet we're still hearing of people who will willingly vote for this man. Why?

That's my challenge to you: Explain why, after all that we've found out about the man during the past few weeks, you would vote for him.