06/05/2008 11:40 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Will Hillary Actually Concede?

Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton gave her final presidential primary speech, drawing the ire of Democratic leaders because, instead of acknowledging Barack Obama as the winner of the primary, she made it seem as though she still had a chance to win.

She used the words I, my and me 84 times during that speech . In the 22 minute speech, she only spent 30 seconds talking about Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee who waged a remarkable campaign and won against a field of Democratic Party heavyweights with Sen Clinton at the top of the list.

ABC reported early Wednesday evening that she would drop out of the race Friday and give a speech to -- notice it's not for -- her supporters on Saturday.

I don't have a lot of hope that she will keep her word. Hillary certainly hasn't shown me that she's trust-worthy. However, if James Carville lent one of his balls to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean, maybe, just maybe, they'll be up onstage with Hillary to keep her in line and on message for once. The biggest sign that she will concede is if Barack is onstage with her though. I want to see her apologize to him with a national audience watching.

In my eyes, the only way she can begin to heal the division she, and her surrogates, have caused during this campaign is to look Barack in his eyes and say, "Barack, I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge you as the clear winner during my speech Tuesday. From this day forward, for the sake of our party and our country, I will rally my supporters to you because this year has proven to me that we really do need to move forward and I believe that you are the person to do it -- with the country's help. Together, Yes We Can."

These words, or something similar need to be spoken by her directly to Barack. I know, it's a pipe dream from hell to even think that Hillary has the courage to say this to Barack's face but I could begin to forgive her if she even said something similar to this while she's on stage.

Come on Hillary I'm rooting for you, although I won't hold my breath until Saturday.