03/12/2014 05:56 pm ET Updated May 12, 2014

Honah Lee: 'The Inevitable'

Honah Lee "The Inevitable"

Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes it doesn't work out at all how you planned or hoped for. Sometimes no amount of sacrifice or hard work, or talent, or skills, or strategy makes any difference at all. People betray you, resources break down or disappear altogether, and you end up exactly where you started, spinning your wheels as if you never made any effort or progress at all. In the creative fields especially, the questions "Why exactly am I doing this?" and "Is it even worth it?" run rampant as artists struggle just to survive while they put whatever time and emotional resources they have left after the drudgery of daily life into their art. It was during one of pop-punk band Honah Lee's darkest years of struggle and adversity -- when giving up and giving in was at its highest peak -- that they created the track "The Inevitable" from their latest album, as yet untitled that's still in progress.

From the death of Dim's (lead guitar and vocals) father only seven months after his sister's death, to Jim, the bass player, being hospitalized for a month from a bad case of meningitis, to the van breaking down that stalled their tour for yet another month, 2013 was rife with setbacks and emotional turmoil for Honah Lee, motivating them to be even more determined to make 2014 stronger and more productive.

Inspired by a childhood memory of the comedy rock band Green Jelly releasing an all-video album with an accompanying CD as the soundtrack, Honah Lee is releasing a music video of the album in production one track at a time, starting with the first track "Party Goggles," followed by "The Inevitable" and "Driftin," until each song on the album is recorded and released with a video each month. This is in addition to a 14-date tour already in progress. On March 27, Honah Lee will be sharing the stage with Glen Matlock of the iconic punk rock band Sex Pistols, as well as Sylvain Sylvain from the New York Dolls. This show will be held at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Tony Goggles, who plays drums, is the filmmaker producing the videos. As the lead vocalist, Tim Hoh, Jr. describes it, "Each of us have our role! It takes a lot and luckily we've been able to put our egos aside and keep this train rolling!" Still delivering pizza as if he's 21, Tim often struggles with the question of whether he'll ever grow up or if he'll "always be a brat who doesn't care about that" while he lives life to the fullest trying to make a music career his first priority. When questioning his life choices really gets him down, he focuses on the fans to keep him going. The little pat on the back is all he needs to remind him why he has to keep playing, admitting it's that and the fact he really doesn't "know how to do anything else."

Individual song and video releases are coming out once a month, with the full album -- including bonus tracks and exclusive add-ons -- releasing on iTunes in the summer. You can check out the first three tracks and video HERE and go to their Facebook page HERE. Check out the new videos on their YouTube Channel HERE.

"Party Goggles," "The Inevitable" and "Driftin" are available for download on iTunes.

Or better yet, check out a few shows for exclusive songs and other tricks up their sleeves. A great time is guaranteed:


3/15 @ J.C. Dobbs - Philadelphia PA
3/21 @ Mill Hill Basement - Trenton NJ
3/22 @ The Gutter - Brooklyn, NY
4/3 @ Newell Volunteer Fireman's Social Club - Newell PA
4/4 @ TBA - Dayton OH
4/5 @ The Melody Inn - Indianapolis IN
4/6 @ The Berkley Front - Berkley MI
4/7 @ Mac's Bar - Lansing MI
4/8 - VIDEO SHOOT - Lansing MI
4/9 @ Northside Tavern - Cincinnati OH
4/10 @ The Green Lantern - Lexington KY
4/11 @ 123 Pleasant Street - Morgantown WV
4/12 @ Clancy's - Keyser WV

Honah Lee in the Studio and On The Road