10/17/2014 06:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Steps To Make Jealousy Work To Your Advantage


Do you feel jealous of someone else's career success? We are all human. We all have emotions that control us from time to time, and sometimes one of those emotions is a big ball of jealousy!

I've dealt with it for years -- comparing myself to more successful surfers, or wishing I were invited to speak at some big event that I wanted to participate in.

No matter how successful or how small you may be at this point in your career, at some stage, you may feel jealous of someone else who is "killing it" out there.

Even big, gorgeous stars go through it! For example, singer Kelly Rowland once admitted (and even wrote a song about) being jealous of Beyonce. No matter how smart, talented or gorgeous you may be, from time to time, jealousy may rear its ugly head.

But is it really ugly?

Jealousy is a powerful emotion that most of us consider negative. If we let it control us, we may go into a dark place within ourselves.

I don't see jealousy as bad or negative. I see it as a huge opportunity to learn more about what we really want, and what we should be doing instead!

In the video below, I share three easy steps to transform jealousy for your advantage!

Try these steps out and let me know if you feel different or transformed!

If I can support you even further in getting past blocks and thriving in your career and life, I encourage you to download my free audios "The 5 Keys to Manifesting Your Dream Life" + "7 Steps To Overcoming What Is Stopping You From Success".

Now, leave me a comment below and share your thoughts: have you ever made jealousy work to your advantage?

Mercedes Maidana is a Motivational Speaker and Business and Abundance Life Coach who guides women to launch and improve their businesses, go for their dreams, and take action steps to live life to their highest potential. Continue the conversation with Mercedes and learn more about her work on Facebook and Instagram.