10/10/2014 04:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Secret That Successful Entrepreneurs Usually Don't Tell You


You see the mogul entrepreneurs killing it online. You see fancy websites and catchy offerings. You see five-figure email lists, features on Oprah's network, people making thousand of dollars selling their services, and you wonder, "What am I doing wrong?"

You work your tail off day and night, and you're still far from reaching the success that you are striving for.

You even wonder whether you'll ever have your own breakthrough.

Here's something that you might not have considered when you compared yourself to the big names in your field.

It takes time to build success.

New ideas need to "bake in the oven" until they are ready to pop out into the world.

Old ideas might go full circle and be ready to be birthed again months or even years later.

Websites and copy will (and must) change as you learn more about your audience.

Allow yourself to try something new. Erase your bio and start all over again. Change your story; show a different side of yourself. Allow movement, let the energy of the Universe guide you, inspire you, and shower you with inspiration in the middle of the night.

Open yourself to receiving the signs that you need to follow to keep growing.

Look around. Smell the opportunities. Do something new, just for the sake of it.

You want your work to be spread around the world? You want to become a huge success? Then do it right.

  • Build a solid foundation. One day at a time, one hour at a time, and one second at a time, you are building your dream life. Do it right.
  • Grow organically. There is no rush. If you try to grow too fast, you may crash and burn. Let each client, each follower, and each person you cross paths with teach you about what you do. Master your craft, and then learn more.
  • Know your stuff. Only by trial and error, doing and re-doing, you will get better at what you do. Let knowledge flow from your pores. Let every breath be an extension of your mastery. When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive. And when the teacher is ready, the student will arrive.
  • Know your followers' heart's desires and deepest, darkest fears. Ask them what they want from life, listen to their struggles, open your heart, and enter their world. Do your best to give them value. Always ask yourself, "How can I be of help right now?". If you know their hearts and can speak to them, your path is wide open.
  • Talk to them as you would to your best friend. Don't preach to your audience, simply talk. They will feel closer to you if you are comfortable with yourself.
  • Value your small tribe like it's your family--because it is. Don't undervalue your small list no matter what size it is. Honor your tribe; give them all you've got. If you have twenty people who love your work, they are as important as twenty thousand people.

Bring the gratitude into what you have today and let the gratitude expand.

I hope this advice will help you as you move forward in your own business endeavors. If you want to learn even more, I invite you to download my free audio "7 Steps To Overcoming What Is Stopping You From Success" for additional secrets of successful entrepreneurs.

Now take a deep, long breath and exhale...

You are on your way. Focus on what's ahead, but don't forget the present. Your dream is not just for tomorrow, it is here right now. You are living it from the ground up. It just takes time.

I'd love to hear from you. Have you struggled to be patient while working toward success? Do you have a success secret of your own to add? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Mercedes Maidana is a Motivational Speaker and Business and Abundance Life Coach who guides women to launch and improve their businesses, go for their dreams, and take action steps to live life to their highest potential. Continue the conversation with Mercedes and learn more about her work on Facebook and Instagram.