12/05/2014 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty for Wanting More Out of Life


Have you ever caught yourself thinking, "Wouldn't it be great to live in a nicer house?" or maybe, "Wouldn't it be nice to go on a trip?" Then, right away, you judge yourself for thinking like that.

Do you feel that if you want more out of life, you are being greedy?

You may dream of living in a nicer or more comfortable house. But right away, you tell yourself that you are being silly for even wanting something like that! You may tell yourself that what you have is good enough.

I am sure it is good enough, but at the same time, that soft whisper in your ear saying, "Wouldn't it be nice?" is telling you that you have a desire for more.

There is nothing wrong with having desires. Many of life's lessons are learned when we listen to our desires. We won't expand or grow if we aren't called to do something bigger. And we hear that call through our desires.

If you are feeling guilty for dreaming big, no matter how big or small your dream is, this video can help you.

In this video I share steps you can take that will help you break through to the abundance you are meant to live in.

Here are a few key points for you to remember:

  • Be aware of how you talk to yourself when you think, "Wouldn't it be nice...?"
  • Accept yourself in your limiting belief. Say, "I love and accept myself even when I am feeling unworthy, or guilty for having these dreams."
  • Claim it! Tell the Universe that you want to be fulfilled and to learn from your desires.
  • Bring in the gratitude. Be grateful for what you have and for where you are today. Then expand into being grateful for what you want to accomplish.

Remember, unworthiness and gratitude can't be in the same room.

If you want to dream big in 2015, I invite you to join me for a Live Mastermind event in Austin, Texas on Dec. 12. I'll help you gain clarity on your goals so you can accomplish your dreams in the new year.

Mercedes Maidana is a Motivational Speaker and Business and Abundance Life Coach who guides women to launch and improve their businesses, go for their dreams, and take action steps to live life to their highest potential. Continue the conversation with Mercedes and learn more about her work on Facebook and Instagram.