06/01/2012 01:10 am ET Updated Jul 29, 2012

The Rudest Engagement Ring Comments Ever

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I've received backhanded compliments and straight-up aggressive remarks about my engagement ring. And it made me wonder if others have, too, so I asked on Facebook and Twitter. I truly was hoping I wouldn't get any responses because no one wants such a symbolic, important purchase criticized. Alas, I was barraged with replies. Here they are:

About a ring with a halo setting:
"It looks like a fat diamond popping out little baby diamonds."

About a ring with a moissanite stone (instead of a more expensive diamond):
"The cost of it equals his lack of love for you."

About a ring that needed to be sized:
"While you're at it, you should resize the diamond too."

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Upon seeing her friend's ring for the first time:
"You could always trade up."

After everyone told her that her great-niece's ring was amazing:
"Oh, I've seen better. It's nothing special."

About my pal's BEAUTIFUL ring:
"Is that the one you wanted?"

After seeing the ring in photos:
‎"It seemed like yours was bigger than mine in pictures. It's definitely cute, though."

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About a friend's double-band estate ring:
"How are you supposed to wear a wedding band on the same hand as that?"

About a ring for a gal who doesn't like a lot of bling:
"Is that the engagement ring or just the wedding band?"

About a friend's breathtaking ring:
"It makes you look like a trophy wife."

About my ring:
"It'd be nicer if you cleaned it more often." (Fair enough, but why say that to me?!)

After showing her grandmother her new ring:
"I need a magnifying glass to see that diamond."

And here's one about my buddy's gorgeous ring, which may possibly be my favorite of all the ones I've ever seen:
"That's exactly what I used to want my ring to look like. But now I want something more sophisticated."

Can you believe that last one? Which remark do you think is the rudest? And what's the worst thing you've ever heard about your gorgeous engagement ring?

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