07/30/2010 12:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fifty First (J)Dates: 12 - The Politico

One thing I dislike about DC is the attitude of some of the people involved in politics. Yes, it comes with the biz - the get ahead, rat-race attitude, the desperate need for social affirmation and power. It's just exceedingly unattractive.

What I Wore: Army green Joe's Jeggings (I. Love. Jeggings. This marriage is so great. I wonder what's next, theggings, a thong legging. Hanky Panky would make a killing! Just imagine it. It's delightfully horrifying.) Black Theory tank, White vintage Armani blazer, Steve Madden sandal wedges.

Where we went: Buddha Bar. I love this place. I'd been to the one in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, but this one was better, because everyone inside was far more awkward and far less chic. Great drinks, fun decor, fun vibe.

Let's be real, this boy mostly cared about advancing his political career. And maybe advancing his way into my pantalones. Neither was going to happen, not even by a long shot. He was dropping all sorts of names which was not really impressive and more uncomfortable. I think sometimes I have the tendency to talk about people (one boy once told a friend I "talk about people I know a lot," which still makes me cringe.)

Name-dropping is okay if you're in a pick up basketball league with Lebron James, but otherwise, meh. And totally tell me about that time in San Tropez with Karl Lagerfeld that involved fingerless gloves, caviar, and inane videos that awkwardly try to emulate Tom Ford (have you seen Remember Now? Cringeworthy. YouTube.)

Unfortunately, I tend to meet this kind of guy in DC a lot.

Otherwise he was great - smart, nice, funny. But he cancelled it all out by making me feel like he had an "agenda." Dating isn't about talking points, or telling me what you think I want to hear. I want to feel like we're having genuine, fun conversation, and it was just too calculated.

It was then that I wandered off to rub the giant 2000-pound Buddha imported from some far-off land.

Buddha turned to me and said, "I know, it's not going so hot. But at he didn't make a separate list of "Jewish Money" for his last campaign."

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