06/29/2010 06:07 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Fifty First (J)Dates: Cliches to Avoid

Dear prospective men, please never say any of the following on your profile:

1. Your favorite sports teams, followed by a GO STEELERS. Srsly? We're DEFINITELY getting married because of your fanatical Ravens status. (Go Nationals, Go Capitals, Go Suns!)

2. Your love of Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen. Like, duh.

3. Your desire for "normal girls only." What does this mean? Do you have a history of dating crazies? Am I normal? Dear God, Are You There, it's Me, Meredith? Do you think that a crazy girl is going to look at that and be like "oh, I was going to send him a flirt saying we should Lose Our Minds Together but now I'm going to hold back." Totes.

4. One line that says email me if you're interested. See earlier post, you are paying $100 for JDate you may as well now write something about yourself. Finish strong.

5. An old, thinner, picture. With more hair. Newsflash: We can always tell.